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A Rainy Night in Brussels…

A Rainy Night in Brussels Jan. 08 This is where it will all begin.  Brussels.  A wonderful city with an old section that dates back to medieval times.  And it is magic at night, even if it is raining as it was last year.  The history of Europe starts to come alive as we are surrounded by these magnificent old buildings.  There are also great places to get Belgium waffles and hot chocolate.  Part of the education, and a lot of the fun of international travel is trying the local delicacies. Lucky for us, in Belgium that means chocolate, chocolate and chocolate.


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Any Day Now…

we will be getting on that plane at JFK and heading to our first stop in Brussels.  I can almost taste the chocolate!  And what an exciting time to be there with all that is going on in Belgium and with the 10th anniversary of the Euro.

If you want to know the latest on the Belgium political situation, take a look here:


And a good AP article on the Euro anniversary is here:

From time to time I hope we can post a video or two of students.  Those short videos will be something like this:

one week.mov

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Music Test

Does the music work?

01 Day Tripper.m4a

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Vilnius–January 2008


From our last study abroad

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We’ll all get together Sunday, December 14 at 4 pm.

The next time we will all be together is at the airport as we prepare for our January adventure.

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